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Founding Board Member

Only the board members who have founded the Association

Board Members

Appointed board members by the Founding Board

No membership Fee

Sponsoring Board Members

Private or Business people that have donated EURO 5000 or more become a sponsor board member

Advisory Board Members sailing related

Directors from Sail Training organizations, Yacht Clubs etc.

No membership Fee

Advisory Board Member Vessels

Captains, owners or directors from Sail Training Vessels

No membership Fee

Business Support Member

Yearly membership fee: EURO 500

( includes window sticker as CST Member and free ad in magazine web site )

Advisory Board Member from the General Public

Yearly membership fee: EURO 500

CST Individual Public Member

Yearly membership fee: Euro 100 or US $100

FREE T-SHIRT INCLUDED in your membership fee ( not the shipping )

Please send us an e mail with your name, address and T-shirt size that you would like us to ship once you have received the confirmation of your membership fee and we will let you know the shipping cost.

You will receive your membership card by post.

You will also receive updates about CST, the CST member vessels, the events, invitations for the receptions, open ship days and more and very soon we will also have our newsletter / magazine on line.

Please call us to pay with your credit card if you want to become a public member of our organization ( 100 Euro  or 100 US Dollar )

Please CALL US OR E-MAIL US if you want to become an individual public member for 100 Euro or US $ p/year and pay via a Bank Wire Transfer so that we can give you the bank wire information.