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Maritime Experience Day Saturday February 29th, 2020

Apply to experience a day on board the ultimate and exclusive SUPERYACHT SHERAKHAN !!!

We can have 20 youngsters in between the age of 14 - 17 ( with no exceptions ) and some adults on board.

All applications will be looked at and will go trough a lottery because we will certainly have hundreds of applications and only space for 20 kids.

Once we have selected the youngsters that will participate we will need a letter from the parents and other paperwork, we will contact those youngsters when selected.

On the Maritime Experience Day Saturday February 29th, 2020

the youngsters have to go to the St.Maarten Yacht Club where the limousine Tender from Sherakhan will embark everyone and go to the Superyacht on anchor in Simpson Bay.

Embarkation on the tender will start at 0820 hrs PRECISELY, so nobody should arrive after 0830 hrs as the tender will leave in time.

We will NOT wait for anyone coming late.

The youngsters will have a security briefing first on board, a tour of the superyacht and be involved in activities on board.

There will be snacks, food, barbeque and drinks all day long.

Responsible on board are Captain ALBERT and Chief Stewardess / hotel manager Manon Dewit.

From Simpson Bay the yacht will start the cruise and make a stop somewhere for swimming, jet skiing and other watersports before returning around 4.00 pm to Simpson Bay.

Everyone will return to the yachtclub by tender.

If you would like to participate in this unique event please send an e-mail with your name, age, copy of passport or ID, address, phone and contact e-mail address to: or



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