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DONATE to the Caribbean Sail Training Association

Change your course and make a difference  Caribbean Sail Training Member Vessel you browse trough this web site, please consider a DONATION to our NON PROFIT ASSOCIATION.
We need DONATIONS to continue our work with YOUNGSTERS and SAIL TRAINING VESSELS.
Over the past years, hundreds of youngsters have sailed and received education while sponsored by our organization, on Tall Ships and other vessels.
Our non profit association has also helped and sponsored almost all the Sail Training Vessels which visited the Caribbean in the past years.
We have serveral PROJECTS for which WE NEED YOUR HELP now.
YOU CAN "CHANGE YOUR COURSE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE" so that we can continue to help youngsters in their EDUCATION and assist the Sail Training Vessels with money and services.


The non profit association Caribbean Sail Training has been working for over 10 years with Youngsters in the Caribbean and with the Sail Training Vessels.
Many youngsters love to participate in sail training on one of the CST member vessels but they, or their parents, don't have the funds to pay the costs.
We sponsor those sail training days or weeks so that they can embark on a learning adventure of a life time.

Several years ago there were not so many Sail Training Vessels
( the so called "Tall Ships" ) that came to the Caribbean because of the huge costs involved in cruising the Islands.
Our non profit association CST has been helping those ships by making arrangements with port authorities, Island governments, Immigration offices and ship agents and by paying the vessel fees (or a part of it) so that they had to spend less money while sailing around in the Caribbean while doing sail training with youngsters.

Information about Trans Atlantic Crossings, Tall Ship Races and more is HERE

You can click HERE to go to the ABOUT US page and to the Caribbean Sail Training web site if you want to learn more about our work

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